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What is Robusta coffee?
   What is Robusta coffee?✔ 4 min read

Now, It's time to talk about A quarter of the world's coffee. They make up about 35-40% of the world's coffee consumption. That is right! we are going to talk about Canephora, also known as Robusta. If you remember we gave a short description of Arabica and Robusta and then we talked about Arabica in detail in the NERO AMORE blog.

Welcome To the High Caffeine World

Robusta's higher caffeine level, as well as its chlorogenic acids (naturally occurring antioxidants), are believed to be a consequence of the plant's self-defense mechanism toward pests and disease. This coffee is grown mostly in West Africa and the Far East, and at cooler temperatures than Arabica. It's a kind of coffee that has fewer perfumes and aromas than Arabica.

Robusta Features 

Robusta seeds are bitter and have a low fragrance.

Robusta seeds have a sour flavor to others.

The caffeine content of Robusta seeds ranges from 1.7 to 4%, which is almost double that of Arabica seeds.

lower cost.

Sugar and fat are reduced.

Stronger trunks that are naturally pest-resistant

Plant Profile
  • family: Rubiaceae
  • scientific name: Coffea canephora
  • species: C.canephora
  • origin: Central and Western sub-Saharan Africa
  • vegetation: ever-green, overlapping
  • height: 4-5 m
  • bean: Small, round, straight center cut
  • heyday: summer
  • fruit: red coffee cherries with many seeds each
Benefits and disadvantages of Robusta Coffee
One of the main benefits of Robusta is the price. It is cheap, yeah, but it does not mean that you will get a lower quality of coffee. Being cheap is because of the sturdiness and resistance to disease, heat, and humidity. Whether calling benefit or disadvantage its low sugar leads to a more bitter taste and stronger flavor. If you need a lot of energy, to stay awake, or just want to engage in intense workouts, we suggest a cup of Robusta coffee because of its high caffeine. The thick foam produced by Robusta beans can be used to make espresso. However, Arabica and Robusta are often mixed, depending on the needs of the drink and the preferences of the people.
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