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What is Arabica coffee ?

   What is Arabica coffee? ✔ 4 min read

As we had an introduction about Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is one of the most famous types of coffee, which has the largest area under cultivation in the world. In order to become more familiar with this type of coffee, it is better to stay with us in the continuation of the article with the NERO AMORE.

It is clear that Arabica belongs to the Arab countries. Arabica coffee trees grow in the mountainous regions of Yemen, Ethiopia (southwest), Sudan (southeast), and Guatemala. Coffee plants are classified as Coffea, these plants are evergreen shrubs that currently grow in different parts of the world, but most of these trees are grown at high altitudes, due to the growth of Arabica coffee plants in the highlands, first coffee in the highlands of Ethiopia, Which was cultivated during the year with fewer temperature fluctuations than other places.

Arabica coffee trees can be grown at an altitude of about one thousand to two thousand meters above sea level. These species are very sensitive to climatic conditions and are also vulnerable to pests.

The first cultivated species of the coffee tree

There are more than 75 known types of coffee in the world. About 70% of the world's coffee is Coffea Arabica, abbreviated as "Arabica".Coffea Arabica is the first cultivated species of the coffee tree and still has the highest growth and cultivation in the world and has many fans among the people. This variety is dramatically superior to other commercial coffees, Cafia Caifura or Robusta.

Features of Arabica coffee :

This type of coffee has remained stable over the years due to its high pollination and has not changed much in its beans. In other words, it can be said that it is the most stable type of coffee, and it has no difference from the first fruit of the coffee tree that was discovered. This type of coffee is less bitter than other breeds of coffee, even if you have a dark roast of this coffee. Arabica coffee has less caffeine than other types of coffee, which we mentioned earlier.

Plant Profile
  • family: Rubiaceae
  • scientific name: coffea
  • species: arabica coffee
  • origin: Ethiopia
  • vegetation: ever-green, overlapping
  • height: 80-150 cm
  • leaves: young leaves light green and shining, later darker green
  • heyday: summer
  • blossoms: white, radial
  • fruit: red coffee cherries with two seeds each
    Benefits and disadvantages of Arabica Coffee

    One of the benefits of Arabica is wonderful and unique with a less sour taste that you can not find in any coffee type. It has less caffeine so you feel more relaxed than Robusta. By containing more antioxidants, it can prevent cancer and other illnesses like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and memory disorders.

    Talking about disadvantages, it is more expensive than other products and vulnerable to pests. it has more sugar and fat than Robusta seeds and less acidity than other coffees.

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