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Types of Coffee Roasts
  Types of Coffee Roasts  ✔ 3 min read

The internal temperature of the beans increases as they roast. the type of roasts is differentiated by this internal temperature. let’s take a look at how hot you would need to make the beans in order to get the roast you want in the NERO AMORE blog.


Light Roast

If you like higher acidity and caffeine or “brighter” brews with a light body, this is the roast for you. To achieve a light roast, the temperature should be between 356-401°F
Light roasts are also known as light city roasts, half city roasts, and cinnamon roasts. They start to fall near the beginning of the first crack, despite the name. This kind of roast is also safer to prepare at home because it takes less time and is cooked at a lower temperature

Medium Roast

Because of the higher mid-level acidity and fuller body, this roast level is more common than light roasts. Furthermore, the temperature is still bearable for the majority of people.
For medium roasts, such as house roasts, city, Breakfast roast, and city+, aim for a temperature range of 410-428°F. About the middle to end of the first crack, this roast stage emerges.
Something between the first and second crack is considered a medium roast.

Medium-Dark Roast

In terms of the number of roast distinctions  (including Full-City, Full-City+, and Vienna Roast, Light French Roast, Continental Roast), this is a much broader group. Temperatures for medium-dark roasts range from 437°F to 446°F. As the beans reach the second crack, you can notice oil spots. The roast flavors become more noticeable alongside the varietal notes at this stage, resulting in hints of spice and a heavier body.

Dark Roast

Finally, dark roasts include French Roast, Italian Roast, Heavy Roast, and Espresso Roast. They're roasted at 464 degrees Fahrenheit, but the most important guideline is to keep the temperature below 482 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don't have the proper tools, things can get tricky or even risky. These beans are taken out during the second crack and have an oily appearance and low acidity and caffeine.

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